Anonymous asked: hey I just threw up 7 times

Well that’s not fun

Anonymous asked: What are some goals you want to achieve that you haven't already?

I want people to say Kanye, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kendrick & Allday

Anonymous asked: I am finding high school really hard at the moment, starting hsc next year and i have no motivation all i want to do is write songs and sing.

Quit and sing then

Anonymous asked: Are you going to end up being that celebrity that ignores every fan and let the fame get to your head

Yes that’s the plan

Anonymous asked: hey bruv.. if your cd was to accidentally slip down my jacket and walk out the store with me .. accidentally of course. Would you still get a profit because the shop did already buy it off you right?

I don’t even know but do whatever you want man I’d rather you have it whether or not I get paid

Anonymous asked: How old do you think you'll be when you stop making music?


Anonymous asked: Skinny bitches or fat hos?

settle down

Anonymous asked: My mates cousins friend was saying how he used to rap battle you at railway station (I think railway station thing could be somewhere else) he said ur kewl

haha sounds like something I would have been involved with, tell your cousin’s friend he’s cool too

Anonymous asked: Hey Allbae when are some new tunes coming out roughly this is an essential question to address, answers ASAP?!

Well i’ve been in the studio heaps I’m just waiting till I make something good then I’ll put some free stuff out, then hopefully late next year ill have an album ready but I’ve got a grand total of 0 songs rn